Favorite Products

In my never-ending quest to swap out harmful products for organic and/or sustainable items, that don't leave you feeling like you're lacking something, I have discovered some true gems!  These featured companies are committed not only to our collective health but also to stewardship of the environment.  If they made it to this list it means myself, my clients and my colleagues and friends think they are the 'best in class.'  Check back often as this list will continue to grow and know that I'll always be looking out for discounts on these items.  Enjoy:)


The best turmeric I have found to date is PuraTHRIVE Organic Turmeric Extract.  I have been recommending it to my family and clients for years - with fantastic results!  It is an outstanding full-spectrum extract that’s “liposomalized”—meaning it’s specifically blended to make the turmeric bind to phosphlipids (healthy fats) that increase its bioavailability 10 to 20 times!  PLUS the "liposome" protects the turmeric through-out your digestive system and delivers it to your cells intact!   While black pepper makes turmeric 20x more bioavailable than turmeric alone, only PuraTHRIVE Organic Turmeric Extract micelle format make it 185x more bioavailable!  

Get your Turmeric here!

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Methyl B-12 VITAMINVAPE 25% Off


I was a regular at getting B-12 injections as I'm primarily vegan.  But going to get B-12 shots can cost hundreds of dollars, not to mention the pain and inconvenience. I was thrilled to find these organic and chemical free vaporizers which contains 14 times the amount of B-12 you'd find in a shot.  Studies have shown that inhaling B-12 can be 100's of times more effectively absorbed than pills. Unlike other vapor products, VitaminVape contains NO nicotine, NO PG, and NO diacetyl, NO Propylene Glycol, or Acetyl Propionyl.  

Get your B-12 here!

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Ambrosia Bag Flax Linen Produce Storage Bag

These bags make your produce last so long they will change the way you shop! As a vegetarian and huge green juice fan, I used to go to the market 2 - 3 times a week. Those days are over!  Now I buy what I need without fear of wasting it if my weekly menu veers off course.  The Veggie Bag is my go-to bag for storing my goodies in the 'fridge and saves me tons of money - both in keeping my veggies from spoiling and keeping me out of the stores which cuts down on impulse buys:)

Get your Ambrosia Bag here!

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Rothy's Shoes 

$20 Off First Order

There simply aren't enough words to describe this incredible looks-like-a-dress-shoe-but-feels-like-a-sneaker.  So I'll just borrow from their website...

Machine washable, RECYCLED WATER BOTTLE construction that BREATHES; ultra-light weight 9.3oz moisture wicking all-day wearability; blister free knitting on top of a carbon-free, earth friendly rubber sole with removable insoles for more frequent laundering.  I have had two pairs for the past five months which I have alternated between wearing almost every day.  Did I mention COMFORTABLE? Both have been thrown in the washing machine four times - and come out looking brand, spanking new!  Yes, they're a bit spendy.  But they look and feel like they will last almost forever!

Get your Rothy's here!

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PlushBeds Organic Latex Mattresses

I came across this company, after weeks of research, when my aching back demanded I retire my old mattress.  Organic and allergen-free latex?  Check!  One hundred night trial period?  Check!  Pick-up and return/exchange guarantee?  Check!  I quickly decided there was nothing to lose by trying it out.  WOW!  Most comfortable bed ever!  Over the years I have added their queen, a sofa sleeper and two twins.  Good luck getting your guests to leave;)

Get your PlushBed here!